creative direction





BRnt designs


Our team has taken BRNT from ideation to production. We positioned the brand as futurists, innovators and a brand looking a head in the cannabis space, a brand carving the path in an industry who’s future is optimistic. 

The Little Rocket team has shaped the way BRNT fits into the cannabis space offering innovation in every element of their digital and brand experience. 

From the unique design of their website to their non-traditional trade show booth to their unboxing experience, Little Rocket has been directing the creative and production behind the brand. 

*Project was through Little Rocket Inc. the team I was apart of during the project



Art Direction for lifestyle and product photography. 

photography by jason matos


Trade show Booth


Organizing the strategy, producing the booth and working with contractors. Having to produce the booth in a tight timeline and create a unique experience for the trade show.