production assistant

content strategy

assistant stylist



Central is a organic snack food company that creates products that contain healthy all-natural ingredients. As a team at Studio Bicyclette, when crafting the strategy behind the brand we took these values into consideration and crafted images that created a story while meshing together as a whole. 

We created a visual standard for the brand through the natural backgrounds, bright lighting and a clean but rustic approach to the styling. Each month 12 custom photos were produced for Central Roast there was a monthly shot list created with what the shot will look like, the framing and the messaging behind the image sent to the client before the images were taken. Once approved 12 custom images were created to be used across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

The biggest challenge for this brands content was to make sure the product was shown not only as a snack food. Which is why when the strategy was created it included showing the product not only as a snack but being used in recipes as well. 


photography by studio bicyclette