graphic design

brand strategy 




Various icons created for numerous brands in multiple different industries. The icons had to be strategically thought out so that they were unique but still intuitive to the user. 


brand it beautiful


Brand it Beautiful is a mini course that Abigail had the pleasure of designing both the icons and the slides for. The icons were used to distinguish the different modules of the course, as well as showcase when there is an action to be preformed by the user. 


fi collection


Fi Collection is a football brand selling fashion forward team hats. These icons were developed as an alternative to a traditional navigation system. 


tiger and Eloise


Icons developed for an up and coming clothing brand. They had to be designed in such a way that they were multi-use because the brand knew they wanted icons but had not decided where exactly they would be used. 


breeyn mccarney


Icons designed for a custom dress designer, icons which were designed to be as custom and unique as the product being sold. 


innovation in a box


Icons designed for a company who run training and facilitation services designed for individuals and organizations. The icons had to take on a more strategic and corporate look but still with personality. 


stock icons for Bicyclette


Sets of icons created for Studio Bicyclette Stock Shop. Each set had a theme and needed to be multi use icons while still being unique and distinguishable.


principles of design icons for bicyclette


Icons were designed to be used to explain different design principles in a presentation for a workshop as well as on a downloadable infographic.